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11-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Super Slicer

11-in-1 Fruit & Vegetable Super Slicer


Dicer takes the cutting convenience of Dicer and takes it to a whole new level.

Boasting a huge 1,500 ml capacity, with Dicer you can cut in 11 different ways.

You can slice, dice, cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate and so much more.

There are 5 blades, each made of ultra-sharp stainless steel. Just press down the lid and they'll easily cut through virtually any food.
Set includes: · Removable top part with self cleaning function · Cutting base · 1,500 ml container with measurements · Fresh keeping lid for container · Dual blade for cutting ¼" x ¼" or ½" x ½ "cubes · Dual blade for cutting ¾" x ¾" or ¼" x 1 ½ "cubes · Dual wedging blade (4 pieces or 8 pieces) · Cutting stamp for top part · Partial blade cover · Slicer with blade protector · Food holder for slicer · Grater with protective cover