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12 Piece Travel Bottle Set

12 Piece Travel Bottle Set


Whether you are packing for a trip or storing your personal items, these travel bottles are perfect! They can protect your lovely personal items and keep them organized. Empty or filled with items of your choice, this set makes great gifts for friends, family, teachers, and anyone who could use a little help with organization.

Package :
3 x 50ml (1.76 oz.) flip top bottle, 9.5cm
2 x 10ml (0.35 oz.) cream bottles, 2cm
1 x 50ml (1.76 oz.) spray bottle, 12cm
1 x 50ml (1.76 oz.) emulsion bottle, 12.5cm
1 x small spoon, 8cm
1 x straw, 5.8cm
1 x Travel Bag 18*14*4cm
1 x funnel, 3.8cm
1 x double and comb. 10.2cm