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12L, 16L & 20L Pressure Sprayers

12L, 16L & 20L Pressure Sprayers


MORE POWERFUL SPRAYING - Have a blast spraying your liquid solutions all day with this manual pressure washer. It delivers an average pressure of 10kPa to meet your everyday spraying needs.

REACH THOSE TIGHT SPOTS - Having trouble getting your solution into those hard-to-reach places? This pump sprayer is fitted with an extra-long 60cm lance for reaching high bush tops or awnings.

PERFECT GARDENING ACCESSORY - This water spray bottle is a gardener's best friend when it comes to applying liquid fertiliser and bug-killing solutions to flower beds, bushes, plant boxes or fields.

COMFORTABLE FIT ALL DAY - Spray all day without experiencing any back or shoulder fatigue. This knapsack sprayer's padded straps are fully adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

SHOOT DIFFERENT SPRAY PATTERNS - This portable pressure washer comes with 4 types of detachable nozzles. Use a specific nozzle for targeting small weed patches or for covering wider surfaces.