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4-Piece Parasol Base Weights

4-Piece Parasol Base Weights


KEEP YOUR PARASOL STABLE - Make sure your garden shade stays upright even if it's windy outside. Our fan-shaped umbrella base weight is designed to hold down your sun parasol even on a windy day.

FUSS-FREE SET-UP - Setting up these patio umbrella base weight sets is easy. Fill them with sand and water before assembling. Each one has a tight screw cap to ensure the contents won't spill.

BUILT TO LAST - These accessories for your outdoor umbrella stand are made of durable materials that won't break or warp easily. This four-piece weights set can withstand the sun, rain, or snow.

A PORTABLE ACCESSORY - Our garden umbrella weights come in a lightweight design when empty. Take them on your next beach trip to keep your beach parasol in place, or even on your fishing trip.

SUITABLE FOR ANY LANDSCAPE - These parasol base weights are suitable anywhere. Use it in your garden, balcony, courtyard, lawns, or swimming pool area. You can even use it for your outdoor stalls.

If you love spending time on your lawn or garden, then you probably already have a parasol set up. These large umbrellas give you the shade you need whenever it gets too hot, making it an essential accessory for anyone who loves lounging outside.

However, using a large parasol also has its downsides. Without a stable enough base, your umbrella can easily get blown away while you’re relaxing under its shade. This can be both a hassle and a danger for your family. Luckily, the right weights can help keep your sunshades in place.

Keep your parasol pinned to the ground, even if it gets too windy outside. Our fan-shaped base weights are specially designed to hold down your umbrellas and keep them in place no matter the weather. Simply fill them up with water or sand before assembling to ensure that they're heavy enough.

Made with sturdy materials, these weights won't easily break, crack, or warp, allowing you to use them as much as you want. Each one is also designed to withstand rusting and corrosion, so you can use them even when it starts to rain or snow.

These durable base weights are suitable for your garden, lawn, courtyard, balcony, or patio. Thanks to its portable design, you can also bring it with you when you travel and use it on your fishing or beach trips!