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4ft, 5ft or 6ft Folding Tables

4ft, 5ft or 6ft Folding Tables


MADE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Our foldable tables works as great outdoor furniture for al fresco dining or as an extra table in your dining room. You can also use it as a workstation.

STRONG CONSTRUCTION - This folding table is made to last for a long time. Its panel is made with 4cm thick HDPE that won't break, warp, or rust easily. It also has a stable powder coated steel frame.

PERFECT FOR EVENTS - Got an event or get-together coming up? This heavy-duty outdoor folding table is what you need. Use it for your backyard barbecues, picnics, parties, or catering services.

SIMPLE, VERSATILE LOOK - Our desk comes with a smooth panel and a frame that will look natural in any space. Place it in your garden, patio, balcony, gazebo, or living room.

Eating on a wobbly table can be frustrating, especially if you're outdoors and the terrain is uneven. Plates move, glasses fall over–it's no one's idea of a picnic.

Don't settle for wobbly tables. Say goodbye to frail and unstable desks that ruin the fun of eating outside with family and friends.

Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free dining experience whether you're indoors or outdoors. Our table comes with a thick and durable steel frame designed to keep it grounded and stable. Its sturdy legs are equipped with drop lock hinges to ensure that it won't tilt, shake, or collapse. Please note that this table can carry a maximum capacity of 150kg.

This multipurpose table is a great choice for parties and events. Thanks to its strong HDPE panel, you can use it for your backyard barbecues, picnics, al fresco dining, catering services, or as a snack bar. Its spacious design is sure to give you enough room for all your utensils and dinnerware.

Our desks are quick and easy to set up, so you can transform any open space into an instant dining area or workstation within minutes. Once you're done using it, just fold it flat again for convenient storage. A carry handle makes it even easier to transport from your yard to your shed or garage.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should get this table:

✅ Easy to clean and maintain
✅ Portable, easy to carry
✅ Available in 3 sizes: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft
✅ A useful housewarming gift