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7 LED Colour Changing Firework Effect Essential Oil Diffuser

7 LED Colour Changing Firework Effect Essential Oil Diffuser


Refresh Your Senses - Enjoy long-lasting and soothing freshness. Our aromatherapy diffuser has a 100ml water tank, allowing you to bask in the fragrance of your favourite essential oil for hours.

Better Indoor Air Quality - More than just an air diffuser, our ultrasonic cool mist device can also function as a handy humidifier. Remove lingering odours in your home and purify the air in your space.

  • Spruce Up Your Space - Handmade with glass, our aroma diffuser flaunts a silver finish that will look great in your home. Turn on its built-in LED lights to get a 3D firework show in 7 colours!
  • No Noisy Distractions - Sleep well without annoying sounds bothering you. Our ultrasonic oil diffuser is ultra-quiet, so you won’t even notice that it’s there while you’re relaxing or napping.

  • Safe & Easy To Use - Our mist diffuser has 4 timer settings: 0.5H, 1H, 2Hs, and 3Hs. You don’t have to turn it off manually. This device also shuts down automatically once the tank goes empty.

  • Materials - Glass & Plastic
  • Dimensions - Height 23cm / Width 14 cm / Length 14cm