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Adhesive Hairdryer Holder

Adhesive Hairdryer Holder


The simple design of the holder makes it a great organizer for your hair dryer, with places specially cut for cord and charger, and it takes a small fraction of space.

PVC baseplate, stainless steel wire hooks, strong force solid gum layer.

East installation- no tools required. Simply peel off the protective cover, stick, press PVC baseplate to remove any trapped air and let it sit for 12hr before use.

Suitable for tiles, wood, UV/PVC, glass, metal marble and most smooth surfaces.

Max. load 17.64 lb / 8Kg.

Material: PVC Plastic+Stainless Steel
Traceless Hook Size: Approx. 80*80mm/3.15inch
Unit Size(LxW): Approx. 11*10.2cm/4.33x4.02inch

Compatible with walls covered by tiles, wood, UV/PVC, glass, metal, marble, etc.
Not compatible with surfaces like water-based paint or plaster walls, wallpaper, concrete walls and rough tiles.