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Bird Wind Chimes

Bird Wind Chimes


Beautiful music : Place the windchimes in garden.the chimes gently ring when breezes wend their way into,sit back and listen the gentle sounds in the breeze,this is bird chirping, bird singing and wind whisper. Toclose nature to enjoy its natural scent and the peaceful of this moment.

Delicate Vivid Design: Large wind chime, the bell jar consists of a six large metal birds top, four metal aluminum hollow tubes, and six aluminum bells.The aluminum metal tube is 27 cm in length.The total length from top to bottom is 85 cm.The size is moderate,Suitable for decorative viewing.

Durabled sturdy : There is a strong nylon rope at the junction of the wind chimes. After the improvement, the length of the rope is shortened, the wind chime rope is not easily entangled, and the structure is strong and durable. Made of metal aluminum, it is not easy to rust, it is not easy to fade, it is light in weight and easy to make sound.

Satisfactory gift : This wind chime is a nice unique yard decoration for your garden.Would make a nice gift for anyone who loves gardening, bird lover or wind chime lover. Every time the breeze blows, the wind bell rings, all symbolizing your heartfelt blessing,The ingenious design makes it a gift for loved ones, friends, colleagues, and a gift that you can proudly give on a birthday party, wedding anniversary, and more.

Suitable place : Wind chime come with a hanging hook that attaches easily to roof overhangs or trees around your deck or patio.decorate your garden,terrace,window sill, bedroom, etc., to add fun and beauty to your life, this is a perfect outdoor and interior decoration ,it is a nice new dimension to your hom.