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Brass Effect Bird Bath

Brass Effect Bird Bath


ATTRACTS BEAUTIFUL BIRDS - This generously sized bird bath stands at 70.5cm tall. It's big enough to call collared doves into your garden or hold several small robins at a time without breaking.

AN ELEGANT FIXTURE - Finished with an antique brass effect and adorned with regal detailing, this bird bath bowl adds opulence to a lush garden. It's perfect for creating magical landscapes.

ORNAMENTAL & FUNCTIONAL - A 50cm water bowl keeps the birds cool and hydrated in summer. This luxurious garden bird bath adds an eye-catching decor that helps animals stay cool in the summer.

DURABLE & WINDPROOF - You don't have to worry about birds and strong wind knocking over this 70.5 cm tall bird bowl. It's hefty enough to stand its ground against breezes and light rain.

PRACTICAL & LONG-LASTING - Made using premium PP resin, this outdoor bird bath looks good in any weather. Its brass finish is weatherproof, withstanding snow, sun, and rain year-round.

Dimensions - 71 x 50 x 50cm

Material - PP Resin