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Charcoal BBQ With Trolley

Charcoal BBQ With Trolley


Nothing beats a fun and laidback weekend with friends and family while you feast on grilled meats and refreshing coolers. It's no surprise if you love holding cookouts or backyard barbecues.

The only problem is that setting up our grills can be a struggle at times. Not only that, but some charcoal stoves also wear down after just a few weeks of regular use. But this doesn't always have to be the case any longer

What better way is there to spend your summer and weekends than by cooking up delicious food for your loved ones? Our durable 94x45x86cm grill comes with a spacious 45x28.5cm cooking grid that will allow you to prepare enough food for your friends and family. This grid is chrome-plated so you can cook burger patties, steaks, chicken, seafood, fish, and vegetables without them sticking on the surface.

To help make your life easier, this outdoor cooking equipment comes with 28x19.5cm wooden tables on the side, so you have a place to set down your freshly grilled food after taking them out of the fire. It also has two pieces of 56x32cm wooden tables on the bottom where you can store your charcoal or grilling utensils and tools!

Unlike other grills, ours come with two wheels making it a convenient choice for home and professional cooks. This feature makes this grill extra portable so you can set it up anywhere you want. Easy to transport, this BBQ trolley can be taken on hiking, camping, fishing, or beach trips without a hitch.

MADE FOR MASTER GRILLERS - Serve tasty burgers or mouthwatering ribs with this 94x45x86cm charcoal grill. Our chrome-plated grid is 45x28.5cm so it's spacious enough for your meats and veggies.

BUILT FOR YEARS OF COOKING - Featuring a 53x33.6cm porcelain enamel fire bowl and a powder-coated windshield, this charcoal barbecue grill trolley won't break easily even with frequent use.

TAKE THE PARTY WITH YOU - Thanks to its reliable wheels, you can set up this outdoor BBQ grill anywhere! Fire it up in your garden, backyard, or lawn. You can even take it to the beach or park!

SHIELD YOUR FOOD - Don't let dirt carried by the wind touch your food. Each of our BBQ grills with wheels comes with 1 pc. 43.5x18cm and 2 pcs. 20x18cm windshields to protect food while cooking.

KEEP FOOD WARM - Make sure your food stays warm while you cook the next batch. Our barbecue charcoal grill has a warming grid plus side and bottom tables where you can place your grilled meals