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Clip On Vent Phone Holder

Clip On Vent Phone Holder


Simple, powerful spring clip designs for easy gripping of the car air vent and magnetically attaches your cell phone to the pre-installed metal plate on the back, or the protective phone case. An adjustable spring clip protects your vent grille from damage, and is easier to use than any magnetic car phone holder.

New car mount holders designed with the highest standards. Smooth edges, sturdy, lightweight and portable.

Easy one-hand installation directly to your car air vent.

Premium finish with L- shape modern design. 5 strong magnets holds phone firmly and soft rubber protects both your air vent and phone from scratches. Ultra-thin and small magnetic stand. Allow you quickly connect your phone with car charger.

Soft rubber cushions protect your phone car holder and air vent from scratches.

Installation Instructions:

1) Open the spring clip and let it grip the air vent grille.
2) Place the metal plate between the phone and the case or stick it onto your phone case.
3) For direct mounting of metal plates to phone, use the included protection film provided before placing the metal plate. Then, place the metal plate over the film to prevent any damage to the device by the adhesive tape.
4) Place the phone to the mount.

Not compatible with round air vents

Dimensions: 38*37*62mm

Material: ABS and PC