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Copper Infused Arthritis Gloves

Copper Infused Arthritis Gloves


Alleviates muscle and joint stiffness and soreness in hand and wrist; helps to relieve from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, recover muscle strength and other pains. Copper infused gloves provide mild compression for warmth that increases blood circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing. Used as hand warmers, great to supplement fractioned bones and people going through therapy
These gloves are infused fabric has high copper content and outstanding anti-bacterial function, after 40 times of washing, it still can kill >=99.9% bacterials. It is Odor Free! The copper embedded nylon helps stabilize muscle tissue, keeping the swelling of muscle fibers at a micro level and reducing pain.
Practical and unisex design is made to be worn all day. Get all your daily work done while healing wearing these gloves

Material: 88% copper nylon 12% spandex

S: 13-17CM, 
M: 17-20CM,
L: 20-24CM