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Decorative Metal Arch with Garden Gate

Decorative Metal Arch with Garden Gate


Filling your garden with plants and flowers is the obvious way of decorating it, but sometimes it can still feel a bit lacking. Maybe there are empty spaces along your pathway that can be maximized with the right piece or garden fixture.

Instead of adding even more plants and flowers, you can get a decorative piece that is easy to install. For that, look no further than this garden archway!

One of the best things about spending time in a garden is that it lets you forget about your fast-paced and high-pressure lifestyle even for just a brief moment. To boost that effect on your outdoor space, you can add this archway, which exudes a nostalgic vibe with quaint details. If that’s not enough, you can easily style it up with vines or even fairy lights thanks to its minimalist black metal construction.

Aside from its beautiful design, this arch is also functional. Its frame, for instance, can encourage your climbing plants and flowers to grow and stay healthy. Plus, its lockable gate can keep children and small pets safe and inside your yard at all times.

This decorative piece can stay in your garden for years to come because of its durable material. Its metal is powder coated which helps delay signs of wear-and-tear, even if it's exposed to the elements 24/7. It can also withstand damages through corrosion and scratches.

Product Dimensions- ‎115 x 37 x 225 cm