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Garden Soil Humidity Meter

Garden Soil Humidity Meter


The way you water your plants can either make them grow healthier or keep them from thriving in the long run. After all, water is responsible for carrying nutrients from the soil to your crops’ roots.

Different plants have different watering needs. Some require constant moisture while others can survive with barely damp soil. With this in mind, measuring your soil's moisture level is a great way to determine when your greenery needs some watering.

Watch your plants flourish with the help of our soil moisture meter. Our device features a colour-coded dial with 10 scales, which helps you identify whether your plants’ soil is dry, moist, or wet. With this, you can quickly tell how much water your foliage needs, so you don’t overwater or underwater them.

To use this accessory, start by sticking the probe 5-12cm deep into the ground. Adjust its position until the dial starts to swing, and you’re done! There’s no need to get your hands dirty by feeling the soil with your own fingers. Plus, using this hygrometer also keeps you from damaging your crops’ roots or digging up too much soil.

No Batteries Needed - Measuring 25-26cm, our portable meter is ideal for your indoor plant soil, terrarium or outdoor greenhouse. It doesn't require batteries, so you’re sure it will always work!