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Gigantic Keyboard Mat

Gigantic Keyboard Mat


Giant Piano Keyboard Playmat


Let's play some music with our hands and feet! This roll-out playmat is also a keyboard that really plays music! You can press the demo button, or record your own music. Press the play back button to hear what you just did or press an instrument like the saxophone, the violin or the guitar to hear different instruments as you play - much like a real keyboard! This keyboard playmat has 24 keys and has volume control. With 4 play modes and 8 musical instruments to select, this touch-sensitive playmat will bring music into your home!

- This favourite classic toy gets kids physically active while developing their appreciation for music.

 - The Giant Mat size is 180cm x 74cm ( 71" x 29" )

  - 8 Musical Instruments: Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Accordion, Trumpet, Harp, Xylophone or Guitar

 - 4 Modes To Select: Play, Record, Playback or Demo

 - Adjustable Volume

- Automatic Power Off System