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Glow Light Drawing Board

Glow Light Drawing Board


A fun, educational and practical gift for children and parents.
With its special tablet board with a light-accumulating coating and a flash-light marker you and your kid can start to draw glowing pictures and letters. Simply shine the light on the board and watch your drawings and writing shine to life.
This Magic drawing mat set comes with a fluorescent pen, which is bright and helps hold kids' attention, encourage their creativity and imagination. Kids also can trace letter and number shapes according to the stencil, learning to copy basic writing strokes.
Light Drawing Tablet - doodles would fade away automatically within 40 minutes which make it possible for kids to repeatedly drawing on the doodle mat. No more colouring stains clings to toddler's clothes, floors or even walls. Watching your kids drawing freely at home with an easy mind.
Soon as the fluorescent light hits the board the strokes will light up.

The picture disappears after 30-40 minutes.


1x UV Pen (batteries included), Colours vary

1x Alphabet and Numbers Stencil (only A3 and A4 sizes)

1x Picture Stencils (only A5) (pictures vary)

1x Drawing Board with light-accumulating coating