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Kettle BBQ Grill

Kettle BBQ Grill


When you're searching for the right grill station to take out during family barbecues and outings, you need to have a sharp eye for detail. It's important to make sure you go with a product that is built to deliver a hassle-free grilling experience.

There are a lot of options, which is why it might be hard to pick out just one. Lucky for you, you don't have to waste time testing out different brands and models. We've got the only BBQ kettle grill you'll ever need.

Made with precision, our stand-up grill is engineered with design choices that make grilling more enjoyable. Its generous cooking grid is great for cooking up several cuts of meat and veggies at a time. Serve evenly grilled food faster and keep your family from going hungry!

Made with a porcelain enamel lid and firebowl, these grillers are designed with an iron core. Iron is a metal that retains temperatures for longer, making for an even sear. The shiny chrome grill naturally keeps food from sticking.

Last but not the least, these charcoal grills are portable. They come fitted with 2 wheels that roll out smoothly on any terrain. It's great for breaking out for BBQ whether you're at the beach, the forest, or in your backyard. Let the smoky goodness of perfectly grilled food follow you wherever you go.

COMFORTABLE GRILLING - With a 58cm cooking height, 41.5cm cooking grid, and 43.51cm fire bowl, this kettle BBQ will make any pit master happy. Its storage wire rack keeps your grilling tools close.

EASY TO TRANSPORT - Bring this portable bbq grill anywhere you want. It's fitted with wheels; bring it to camp from your car or from your shed to your garden without breaking a sweat.

QUICKER COOKING TIME - Made with a porcelain enamel lid and firebowl, this barbecue grill features an iron core. This helps retain the optimal cooking temperature for faster and even grilling!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL - From its porcelain enamel lid and firebowl to the chrome plated cooking grid and zinc plated charcoal grate, this BBQ grill stands out. It'll last long while looking good too.

PERFECTLY SEARED FOOD - Keep your food intact as you grill. The chrome plated grid of this outdoor grill naturally acts like a non-stick pan, which helps keep your meats from shredding.