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Knee Tendon

Knee Tendon


It is essential to take care of your joints while you are young to prevent painful ailments related to joints as you get older. As you go about your day-to-day activities, your knees take brunt of almost all impact, and can often become injured as a result. Wearing a knee brace during sports or exercise can help protect the area, preventing injury or helping to reduce the effects of previous conditions.

This knee strap is suitable for use during exercise or day-to-day tasks to help support your knee. It's an ideal way of reducing knee pain during any kind of exercise such as running and can even give relief during walks or when you are standing for long periods. This knee strap eliminates the stress associated with worrying about sudden sharp pains.
It has been ergonomically designed to provide superior support. The knee strap attaches below either kneecap and above the tendon. The result is support for your knees and relief from tension allowing you to exercise in comfort. This knee strap is fully adjustable and allows you to tailor the amount of compression that you require. Additionally, it can be adjusted to suit the curve and size of almost any knee.

Ergonomically designed to provide maximum support in the right areas without restricting movement, result is support for knees and relief from tension allowing to exercise in comfort

Great for impact sports, gentle jogging or for use during the day, knee strap will provide relief and support
Knee strap is made from nylon and neoprene making it durable and reliable, even during the most intensive exercise
Combination of quality neoprene padding and fully adjustable Velcro straps gives this knee strap the ideal comfort for your knee

Dimensions: Front Strap: 20*5cm, Rear Strap: 23*6cm

Materials: 50% Nylon and 50 % neoprene