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Large Or Extra Large Walk In Greenhouse

Large Or Extra Large Walk In Greenhouse


As a plant lover, you've always dreamed of starting your own garden. You spend countless hours caring for your plants, only for them to get wiped out by strong winds, heavy rains, or chilling frost.

Aside from those forces of nature, your plants also become juicy targets for all sorts of creatures. With our backyard greenhouse, you give your precious greenery a safe environment that fosters growth.

Grow healthy flowering plants, veggies, fruits, and shrubs all year long with our greenhouse. By retaining heat from sunlight, this plant grow house creates a warm and humid environment for your plants to flourish, even during torrential rains or amidst snowy or windy days.

Keep your plants safe from curious pets or unwelcome critters. This walk-in greenhouse features a roll-up door panel, which you may open and close via its zipper attachments. Leave the door rolled up to encourage pollination or while you tend to your shrubs.

Our garden plant shelter is made available in Medium (143x73x195cm, 4 shelves, 0.1mm PVC cover) and Large (143x143x195cm, 8 shelves, 135g/m2 PE cover) variants. Both greenhouses use green tubular steel frames, which are powder-coated to help protect against rust or corrosion.

- No tools required for assembly
- Ideal for smaller outdoor spaces
- 16x0.35/0.4mm tube size
- Works great for growing your own herbs, fruits, veggies, or exotic flowers