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LED Wooden Book Advent Calendar

LED Wooden Book Advent Calendar


As a traditional Christmas activity, open a drawer and get a surprise a day from the first day on December to Christmas. Our LED Wooden Book Advent Calendar countdown calendar can bring your holiday with great sense of ritual and let your kids' everyday waiting for Christmas full of anticipation and surprise.

When you open the box, you can see that reindeer, cedar, snow and village are well distributed on the left, forming a wonderful fairy tale world. The left part is connected with a switch (battery is included), with which you can turn the light on and it will glow out beautiful warm white light, making the box more than charming.

The right part of the box neatly arranges 24 small drawers with 1 to 24 numbers written in golden and adorned with various Christmas elements.

Made of premium wood, Our LED Wooden Book Advent Calendar is 30 x 25 x 10cm in size, and very sturdy and durable for repeatedly use. The box can be opened from the middle just like opening a book. The two parts of the box are connected by hinges, which enables it opened to 180 degrees.

Painted in golden with reindeer and a scene of Santa sitting on a sleigh, the outside cover of the calendar is full of Christmas touch. In addition to be used to count down to Christmas, it can also be used to decorate your fireplace, table or shelves to bring great festive touch