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Lumpwood  BBQ Charcoal

Lumpwood BBQ Charcoal


Need a new go-to type of charcoal for BBQ? A true BBQ enthusiast will tell you that there are multiple types of charcoal, each one having its own pros and cons. If you’re new to barbecuing, choosing the right one can be a tough decision to make.

If you want to go the safe route, lumpwood charcoal is the way to go. With its awesome features, this can be your new go-to option for your next backyard BBQ!

Our Lumpwood Charcoal is the fast, easy, and clean solution to your barbecuing needs.

When cooking with charcoal, one of the factors you’ll want to look out for is its ease of use. Since it’s made of natural hardwood, lumpwood charcoal is easy to light by simply using a natural firelighter or a piece of paper. It also produces less ash so you’ll save plenty of time cleaning up when you’re done.

Because it’s so easy to light, you can get to cooking in just 30 minutes. Despite the brief time needed for preparation, the charcoal can stay hot and fit to cook for as long as 90 minutes. That should be enough time to grill all sorts of dishes for the entire family!

Its natural components and minimal ash also help you preserve your food’s flavor. Once you enjoy your fruits of labour, rest assured that you won’t be getting any bitterness or an aftertaste of lighter fluid! You can also easily control the burn of the charcoal because it's highly responsive to oxygen, reducing the risks of overcooking.

More reasons to cook with lumpwood charcoal:

-Available in 3kg, 5kg, and 10kg bags
-Comes in durable waterproof bags
-Suitable for all kinds of meat and vegetables
-Ideal for use at home (Please note that this coal is not restaurant grade or organic)