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Pop-It Fidget Pencil Case

Pop-It Fidget Pencil Case


This bubble poppet fidget case is made of premium silicone material, which is soft and comfortable when touching it is non-toxic, and tasteless, it is very safe for children and teenagers.

This fidget sensory pencil case can also be used as an accessories kit, medicine bag, cosmetic pouch or like a multifunctional storage box.

This is an impressive trendy large pop it fidget pencil case which is an absolute perfect gift choice for your fidget-obsessed loved one! Give them a gift they will remember. 

This squeeze toy helps relieve stress, restore mood, and create a fun atmosphere. When you feel bored at home or stressed at university our sensory bubble toys are perfect essentials.

Take your big pop it game to the next level. As much fun as pop, pop, popping away mindlessly can be, let's bring a bit of spice to your pop it collection with our large pop it pencil case!

Material: Silicone
Dimensions: 18.5*9.5*4cm
Care: Wipe with soapy water and let dry naturally