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Portable Barrel BBQ

Portable Barrel BBQ


There's nothing quite like a barrel BBQ grill when it comes to serving up perfectly grilled meat. Its unique shape locks in the temperature and smoke for a faster and better cook, resulting in evenly cooked food with a delicious smoky flavour.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to lug around a standard-sized barrel griller when headed to an outdoor gathering. Good thing there’s a way to get grilling even on spontaneous beach or fishing trips!

Lightweight and travel-friendly, this barrel griller is designed with precision and care. It is made of durable and heavy-duty iron, complete with a chrome-plated iron grill that gives your sausages or burgers gorgeous sear marks.

Furthermore, this portable camping grill is compact enough that you can bring it to any outdoor barbecue without a hitch. It weighs only 3.5-4kgs so you won't have to do any heavy lifting on your part.

Even though it's quite compact, the 34x22cm cooking grill surface leaves a lot of room to cook anything you’d like. You'll love grilling up steaks, wild-caught fish, or veggies for the whole group to enjoy. Plus, you can just set it on top of any table and you're good to go!

COMPACT BUT SPACIOUS - Our portable grill is fitted with a 34x22cm iron cooking grate - a travel BBQ grill large enough for cooking several cuts of meat, fish, or vegetables all at the same time

COMFORTABLE GRILLING - Our outdoor grill can be placed on any smooth and even surface. Its 22cm cooking height is just right when placed on a table, making it easy for any pit master to use.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY SIZE - This portable BBQ grill is perfect for any outdoor gathering at only 41x28x36cm and 3.5kg - a charcoal grill that won't be a hassle to take on camping or fishing trips!

THE PERFECT SMOKE - Capture the perfect smoky flavours using this table top fire pit and BBQ smoker. The barbeque grill is made of chrome-plated iron, ensuring faster and more even cooking.

SLEEK & DURABLE - Finished with high-temperature paint, the chipping of this camping grill's sleek black exterior won't be a problem - perfect if you want something that'll last you a long time.