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Rattan Effect Parasol Stand

Rattan Effect Parasol Stand


A good old-fashioned umbrella is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer weather from the comfort of the shade. Whether you’re decorating a patio, a café, a balcony, or a poolside area, parasols can provide invaluable shelter from the sun and help impart a modern aesthetic that’s easy to complement and style.

But form is never complete without function, and no parasol can stand on its own without a fixed base. Getting the right kind will ensure that your setup stays stable and standing, rain or shine.

This heavy-duty parasol base weighs 10kg, which is enough weight for parasols meant to pierce through tables. It may also work for lighter freestanding umbrellas. It acts as a ballast to steady the tall, heavy pole, adding extra support to discourage shaking or wobbling in the wind.

Its plastic casing is filled with hard, heavy cement. It’s easy to clean, and requires virtually no maintenance. The rounded shape also helps keep it from completely toppling over. Despite its weight, it remains easy to adjust or move, making it ideal for seasonal or temporary outdoor setups, like festivals and concerts or events at the beach.

This base is adorned with a simple yet sophisticated rattan design, and it’s bound to be a match for rustic to modern-styled outdoor furniture. It’s perfect for gardens, bistros, and sidewalk cafés.

Dimensions - 42.5 x 42.5 x 31.5cm