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Restaurant Grade Charcoal

Restaurant Grade Charcoal


Thinking of throwing a BBQ party at home?

There's nothing like a good old fashioned barbecue complete with juicy steaks cooked over an open fire. This sounds like an awesome food trip until you end up with charred meat or people coughing from the smoke.

Grilling can be challenging and even dangerous if you use poor quality charcoal. Don't waste your precious ingredients or put your family at risk.

Our Restaurant Quality Natural Charcoal makes grilling safe, effortless, and fun.

Each pack contains premium quality natural lumpwood charcoal that lets you grill restaurant-style chicken, fish, steak, sausages, and kebabs within the comforts of your own home. Keep your guests coming back for more of that barbecue goodness because this charcoal has a high heat output so it doesn't take too long to finish cooking.

Our charcoal does not require any complex fire-starting rituals. Just pile up a few pieces of the coal to form a small pyramid, set the firelighter in the middle of the heap and light a match. That's it, no need to use other extra tools or lighting materials. Plus, it is suitable for a wide range of grills and ovens like egg-type grills, smokers, open-top grills, brick ovens, and fire pits.

Enjoy an authentic outdoor BBQ experience with our charcoal. It gives up to 2 hours of cooking time and does not create thick smoke or burning smells. Unlike briquettes, our natural coal does not create a weird, artificial odour when burning so your food retains its freshness and quality.

More information about this restaurant quality charcoal:

- Available in 2 sizes: 12 and 15kg
- Ideal for home and commercial use
- Carefully packaged
- Consistent quality
- Easy to use