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Rotating Cupboard Organiser

Rotating Cupboard Organiser


Organise Your Supplies - Don’t leave your kitchen supplies cluttered on your counter or cupboard. Our turntable storage is perfect for condiments, spice bottles, jars, seasoning packets, and snacks.

Enjoy Easy Access - Stop knocking over containers and jars. Our spinning spice rack rotates a full 360°, so you can easily access bottles and jars without reaching into far into your shelf.

Tidy Up Your Kitchen - Measuring 22.5x22.5x7.5cm, this revolving spice rack can fit in your cupboard, fridge, shelves, and counter without trouble. It also has two handles, so you can easily move it.

No Slipping - Our kitchen turntable is fitted with a rubber plate inside to keep your bottles and cans from tipping over. This rack's base also has non-slip padding, so it won’t slide as it spins.

A Breeze To Clean - Made using waterproof plastic, you can easily rinse and dry this storage rack without it breaking or warping. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe its surface when it gets dirty.