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Solar Bird Bath With Planter

Solar Bird Bath With Planter


Adding the presence of nature in your home is a great way to add to its beauty. Not only does this include having a wide range of plants, but visits from birds and other wildlife as well.

If that’s the type of home that you want, then an eco-responsible and all-inclusive birdbath is what you need!

Wake up each morning to the sound of birds singing when you get this birdbath. Aside from the bath itself, it also has a feeder which can hold an abundance of bird feed, and a planter that may help stabilize the bath. Now, you can enjoy the peaceful sound fo chirping birds as you sit in your garden.

With the help of a polycrystalline silicone solar panel, this fixture doesn’t need to be plugged in for the light to work. Just let it charge during the day and watch it light up on its own at night. It also has two bulbs and an energy conversion rate of up to 17%, which may help you save on electricity costs.
The birdbath can be left standing outside for a long period of time because it’s made of tough brass material. Its weather-proof and built for the outdoors, able to last long in your yard despite exposure to the elements.

Material - Resin

Top To Bottom Dimensions - 105cm

Bird Bath Dimensions - 50cm x 50cm x 5cm

Planter Dimensions - 29cm x 29cm x 5cm

Planter -