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Solar Wind Chimes

Solar Wind Chimes


GORGEOUS & USEFUL DECOR - Our wind chimes come with a solar-powered LED bulb that lights up any space at night. Its beautiful sun detailing is both decorative and functional even in the daytime.

ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING - Don't need to waste energy on decorative lighting. Our wind chime solar light charges its batteries with energy harvested from the sun, removing the need for outlets

BEAUTIFUL & MAGICAL MELODY - Our wind chimes are carefully designed so that each breeze generates a beautiful tune. You'll love sitting on your porch listening to your garden's music all day.

EASY OPERATION - Our solar wind chimes don't need a lot of care and attention once they're hung. If you're worried about dirt or debris, you can simply wipe the chimes with a damp cloth.

RELAXING AMBIENT LIGHT - Our wind chime lamp is the perfect cosy fixture. Its single LED bulb emits a warm white glow that brings the metal sun to life and casts delicate shadows across your space.

Size: 24.5*6*104cm
Material: iron + glass
Solar panel: amorphous silicon, 2V, 40ma
Battery: 1*AA NI-MH 600MAH
LED: 1pc warm white