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Tanness Flea and Tick Collar

Tanness Flea and Tick Collar


Using Tanness Flea and Tick Collar is not only the effective but also economical way to save your furry babies from different types of flea, bug, tick and other pests. This product can work as greatly as the drops and pills but cost you cheaper. Simply put the collar in your dog's neck, the entire body is protected, especially, the neck region.
The new formula keep the protection effective in 8 months; therefore, you can save more time and money than using other medications. The adjustable length of the collar can easily be cut off.
We commit of totally applying Natural Plant Extract for the collar to provide a reliable prevention for your pets. This tick collar ingredient includes Lemon eucalyptus 60%, Lavender Oil 5%, Linaloe Oil 25%, Citronella Oil 10% . The ingredients of the oil inside are all natural. It distributes its active ingredients at an optimal dose rate to your pets' skin and hair.
Waterproof material ensures no loss even in wet conditions, it also works when washed, no need to remove after doing a variety of exercises like swimming, bathing or even playing in the rain. Don't worry about being destroyed by bath time, rainstorm or beach games

Small: Suitable for Cats with a neck size of 38cm
Large: Suitable for dogs with a 62cm Collar Size

8 Months Protection

Under condition of severe infestation, replace the collar more often

Allergy Free
Long Lasting Protection
Safe and Eco Friendly
Special Water Resistant Design

Instructions for Use
1.    Put the collar sound the pets neckline, slip the end of the collar though the buckle and adjust for fit.
2.    Leave the slack of 2-3 inches for pet growth and extra adjustment.
3.    Buckle in place and cut off the excess length