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Toothbrush Holders with Suction Cup

Toothbrush Holders with Suction Cup


These Multifunctional Suction Storage Eggs makes is a perfect solution to clutter and great space saver. The elegant shape fits perfectly into every room. Whether it is holding your toothbrush and shaver in the bathroom or your pens and pencils in the study area, the Multifunctional Suction Storage Eggs will look great.

The suction cup is suitable for glasses and ceramic wall and other smooth surfaces. Before installing, please ensure the surface and the suction cup is clean. Please press the suction cup on the ceramic wall and squeeze the air until it become vacuum then sticks it onto the wall tight.

Material: PP with rubber
Colour: white, blue, pink, green
Dimensions: 11*11*5cm (approximately)
Installation type: wall mounted