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Weed Burner

Weed Burner


Weeds may look harmless, but these pesky bits of growth can have devastating effects on your gardens and produce. They take up valuable resources that your crops need to grow and could even carry elements that could harm your greenery.

Since weeds tend to grow and spread rapidly, you also need to get rid of them as soon as you spot them. The only problem is that it can take hours of your precious time killing these plants only to watch them grow back. But this doesn't always have to be the case.

Don't waste your time weeding your lawn and garden by hand. This low-profile blow torch allows you to kill weeds efficiently to prevent them from spreading. Flame weeding will help you eradicate these pesky plants without the use of harsh sprays that could harm your plants and produce.

Measuring 36.3x29.5cm, this blow torch is conveniently cordless so you can go around your lawn, garden, or yard without any restrictions. Since it only weighs 1.21lbs and comes with an easy-grip handle, you're sure that your hands won't get strained even if you take a while weeding out your landscape. Crafted using 0.8mm thick stainless steel, this weed burner is built for frequent use.

Apart from helping you get rid of weeds, this blow torch also works great for melting icy pipes and pavements during the winter. You can also use it to light up BBQ grills during backyard BBQ parties or on camping trips! Do note that butane gas canisters are not included in your purchase.