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Wooden Learning Clock

Wooden Learning Clock


This wooden shape sorting clock toy is made of high quality wood, BPA Free and stained with bright non-toxic water-based paint, has smooth edges.
This children learning clock toy helps kids to learn basic concepts of time telling, further enhancing them fine motor skills, teaching them numbers, colors and shapes, encourage the development of baby's hand-eye coordination and attention span.
 Finest wooden teaching clock puzzle for kids to learn to tell the time features 12 different shape wooden blocks representing 1-12 hours which fit into matching slots on the clock, plus movable hour and minute hands are clearly labelled.
This interactive toy teaching time clock is colourful, eye-catching, sturdy and educational.

This wooden shape sorting clock, easy to carry wooden toy clock that consists of moving hands and numbered grooves for specific shapes. The wooden clock toy features color minute and hour hands that spin around with a simple push, but no matter where they point, it’s always time for learning and fun. The design of the clock helps to bridge the gap between digital and analog time. The color digital clock keeps them engaged and makes the process of learning time easier for kids.

This educational calendar clock is a must-have for all parents and kids. Learning and teaching the time can be a tough task for both children and adults. But it is scientifically proven that learning happens much faster and easier when it is combined with a playful experience.That´s why we created this colorful clock toy that is the perfect combination and your child will learn the time easily.

This wooden clock toy for children was made of solid wooden.The well-polished surface with smooth edges and suitable size of all pieces are more secure for small hands to explore. And provide bright colors, stimulate and develop children's brains, and learn a variety of knowledge.

  • The bright, multi-colored designs of the clock toy helps to engage younger children's attention.
  • It can help your children improve number counting, shape & time recognition.
  • It helps to promote kids’ motor skills, balance and hand & eye coordination.
  • Inspire creativity and imagination in children throughout the world.

Clock Dia: 21.5cm

Blocks size 3.3cm

Material: wood