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Absorbent Diatomite Clay Soap Dish

Absorbent Diatomite Clay Soap Dish


Hand made from all natural Diatomite without any chemical additives, the absorbent soap dish is safe, fast self-drying and a new way of green life
The tray soaks up water immediately, and gets dry in a a few minutes, prevents soap from getting soggy and waterlogged
Allow the soap and the deck nearby to dry immediately, the soap lift protects sink and counter top from soap scum, bacterium, and mildew
This product can be used as a soap holder, a drink coaster, a refrigerator odour absorber, a moisture absorber and a car air purifier with its super absorbent character
Rinse with clean water or use detergent and dry in ventilation places

Safe and Chemical Free

Moisture Absorber


Multi Functional