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Foldable 2 Seater Camping Chair

Foldable 2 Seater Camping Chair


The beauty of the outdoors is best enjoyed with a special someone by your side. Every moment just feels special when you cuddle up with the person you hold dear in your life.

Snuggling up to your loved one, however, doesn't have to be limited to couch dates or movie nights at home. Our outdoor loveseat lets you sit together while you are on nature adventures and camping escapades.

Now, you don't have to bring 2 separate chairs when you go on nature trips with your loved one. Measuring 44.9x104.9x84cm, our collapsible garden stool provides adequate sitting space for 2 full-grown adults. Its armrests feature cup holders for placing your favourite chilled beverages.

Supported by a reinforced steel frame, this portable camping chair won't wobble, wiggle, or easily collapse under your combined weight. Its feet are designed to firmly plant themselves on any surface, such as concrete, sand, grass, soil, or gravel.

Don't worry about this lawn chair eating up all the space in your car, garage, or garden shed when not in use. The whole stool folds into a compact bundle, making way for effortless storage and transport.