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Solar Bird Bath

Solar Bird Bath


Water fountains are some of the most regal and opulent fixtures you can add to any landscape. Unfortunately, they also cost a pretty penny, and they're not easy to maintain or install. Furthermore, they tend to take up a lot of your lawn space.

Fortunately, you don't have to splurge on a full-sized fountain. With our product, you can capture the appeal of a water fountain without the need for frequent maintenance, losing space, and increasing your energy consumption.

You don't need a massive fountain to enjoy a nice water show in your garden. Our solar bird bath's floating fountain spouts relaxing streams of water, which also gives birds a place to frolic and cool down.

Each bird bath bowl is fitted with a 180cm sun-powered miniature water pump. Its ABS bottom plate is sturdy, and will last year-round use. The pump uses a maximum of 170L/H of water and releases it in single crystal-like drops that fall like soft rain on small birds.

Lastly, these gorgeous bronze water baths are easy to use and maintain. You won't need to do anything except replace the water, clean the bowl every once in a while and make sure the solar panels are well exposed to sunlight!

  • Long lasting 9V/2.4W solar panel
  • Dimensions: 80x50cm
  • Material - ABS & Resin
  • Big enough for larger birds to play in
  • Great gift for bird lovers and gardeners