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Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets


HELPS PROMOTE RELAXATION - Improve your well-being with our weighted blanket cover. It soothes you by promoting serotonin and melatonin production in your body through pressure application.

EASES YOU TO SLEEP - Say goodbye to your night time woes with our adult weighted blanket. It simulates deep touch pressure stimulation, which is a natural therapy that helps promote better sleep.

LUXURIOUSLY SOFT - Our pink weighted blanket has an outer fabric made of breathable microfibre which is comfortable and cool. It has 7 protective layers and is filled with lead-free glass beads.

PERFECTLY-SIZED COMFORT - This microfibre blanket comes in 3 sizes and weights: Single measures 125 x 150cm at 4kg, Double measures 125 x 180cm at 6kg, and King measures 150 x 200cm at 8kg.

GIVE THE GIFT OF BETTER SLEEP - Because of its calming properties, this weighted blanket for adults would be an excellent present for those suffering from sleep or sensory disorders.